3 Tips for an Unmedicated Birth

There are so many great resources to have an unmedicated labor and delivery, but I've narrowed it down to 3 of my favorites that I've found really helpful! I would love to hear yours! Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Here's a little overview:

#1. Loosen the jaw! It has been said that a relaxed jaw equals a relaxed cervix. A relaxed cervix is able to dilate and progress unhindered, which is {obviously} pretty ideal during labor!:)

#2. Go pee! A full bladder can stall labor! SO making sure to use the bathroom often can help keep everything running smoothly!

#3 Have an open mind! Even if I'm 100% set in my mind on not having an epidural, I like to leave a little bit of wiggle room! If for some reason your "unmedicated birth plan" doesn't go as planned, be sure to have an open mind! Sometimes the situation can veer away from exactly what you want, but that reward of having a sweet baby in your arms at the end is a pretty great reward no matter what interventions may need to be taken during labor for your health or the health of the baby! Many and maybe even most times, it can go just as planned, which is grand! In either case, having an open mind and allowing yourself permission to change course if that's what is right for you in the moment is a positive thing all around!:)


What's New on Composed Mommy?

Hello! After some serious contemplation about this page {both the videos and the blog,} I realized that I thought we needed to add another element to it. While it started as a place to talk about Birth and resources for unmedicated and medicated childbirth, I started realizing that Composed Mommy could involve a little bit more. I've talked about it before here, but I grew up with a lot of Anxiety. For various reasons, it sometimes got to the point that I would search for answers on my symptoms. A lot of the searches would leave me feeling terrified and even more anxious than before I embarked on my WebMD Journey. Hahaha! Does that sound familiar to anyone?;)

Over the years I have been able to control it so much better. I don't find myself needing to know exactly where the door is for a quick exit; I don't carry around homeopathic medication to help ease an attack "just in case" it decided to show up. It still happens, especially when hormones are out of whack such as in pregnancy or near cycles, but it really is so much better. So I realized over the past month that if I could help even one person by inserting some Anxiety Healing elements to this page, then it would be worth being a little bit vulnerable.

SO, what does that mean for Composed Mommy? Now, not only is it a place to talk about Birth, with Unmedicated {and Medicated, of course} childbirth resources, it also will include Anxiety Healing techniques, articles, resources, and ideas and tips to help overcome anxiety and panic. I feel like there's always a need for positive resources, especially on topics that aren't always openly talked about. I hope it proves to be helpful for someone, and I feel like sometimes Childbirth and Anxiety can go hand in hand. At least a tiny bit. Hopefully and probably not for everyone, but for a great majority of the ladies having babies, sometimes it does! Our goal here is to learn together to help have empowered birth AND help lessen anxiety, whether you are expecting a baby or not!<3

Let me know what you think or if you have any comments or anything to add!